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your package makes me happy

so, i got a new toy this week, which i’m sure i’ll have more thoughts on once i’ve had more time to fiddle with it.

but before any fiddling took place, there was that wonderful moment of making a somewhat major purchase and bringing it home to unbox. and as great as anything i’ve ever owned was to actually, you know, use, a lot of the ones that stand out are the ones that put a little care into that moment right before you even get to touch your pretty new thing. when a thing is well packaged, it feels more like opening a present.

with the kindle, not only was the container nice to look at, but there were these two little touches that made me smile before i even got into the thing. a barcode with a person reading against a tree, that age-old image of a book-lover’s dream moment; and next to it, an assurance that getting to my new toy would not be a hassle.

if the difference is made in the details, kindle had me on their side before i’d even flipped the power switch. now to get on to the whole reading business…

[side note: any kindle users have a reco for a killer, perfectly handsome and holdable case? i’d hate to go bareback for too long and end up sitting on the thing, leaving only the pretty box to enjoy.]

Posted: September 23rd, 2010
at 4:53pm by briancollapsing

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