long time coming

Excuses aside, one would imagine that having as eventful a summer as I have, there’d be lots to write about. Non-stop excitement and life changes around every corner. To provide a full list:

final stages of planning a wedding
interviewing, getting an offer for, and accepting a new job in a new city

getting married (only the most fun/wonderful weekend a person can probably ever have)
honeymooning around the Greek islands (with a layover in Belgium for a few beers)

the final two weeks at a job I’ve held for over 8 years
packing for a move to San Francisco, after living in LA for twelve years
being in the wedding of one of my best friends
starting a new job for only the second time as an adult
getting to know a new city and feeling both disoriented and delighted all over again

But having done all that and at least approaching a period of normalcy again, I figure I can get back to things I like doing when my life is under control, such as writing.

The hope is that these changes — new job, new city, new lots of other things — will keep me even more stimulated than before and thinking sharper than ever. Now it’s time to find out.

Posted: July 27th, 2011
at 1:54pm by briancollapsing

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